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  • Original 50mL Classic Flavored Licks Basic Kit

50mL Classic Licks Basic Kit - Pick your flavor

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Product Description

1- 50ml Bottle Classic Licks 
1- 5ml Glass Container with Poly screw on lid
4- 3ml Syringe
4- 16g 4" Syringe Tips
This product is to be used in accordance with local, state, and federal laws
This is intended for use by adults over the age of 18 years old
Contains: USP Propylene Glycol
                Organic Derived Poly Ethylene Glycol
                Natural and Artificial Food Grade Flavor Molecules (flavored versions only)
This product is to be used in accordance with local, state, and federal laws
This is intended for use by adults over the age of 18 years old
Licks can be used with herbal concentrates, oils, or with dry herbs. 
The liquid you make can be used by itself or you may add other ingredients as per your preference and/or device. 
Giving instructions or a formula for making specific products is impossible due to many different changing variables along with preference.  
To dissolve your essential oil concentrate: 
-Start with the smallest amount of Licks it takes to liquidize your product.  1:1 by volume is a good start and work from there.  You can always add more Licks to it but you cant take it out if you add too much.  
Your final solution will be made to your preference.  If its too strong or too thick you can add more Licks to it or you can add other glycols like PG or VG in order to weaken it or to thin it out. 
-To start the dissolving process place in a heat resistant container 
-Avoid using heat above 160°, as not to compromise your product. Heat can destroy the useful compounds you may have captured that would otherwise just "burn" away.  100° is a good temperature.  It may take some time. Low and slow is the motto we like to use. 
-You will notice it to start to break down in the liquid
-Continue to mix thoroughly until your product is absorbed into the Licks and it has become a smoothly mixed product. 
-Some products as outlined above may need a more or less viscous solution to be able to be mixed into it. There is no one recipe for every single product or type of product. This just outlines general directions on "how to".
-All results may vary from one to another depending on variables. Take note to consistent variables in order to better the process through time.  Concentrates vary greatly and herbs vary greatly. Slight changes to the process may be required depending on your sample.
Essential Oil Extractor
-As with essential extraction from dry herbs you may want to use a heat resistant container. Heat is not a necessary part of this but may accelerate the process. When we give advice on extracting essential oils we like to use the term "low and slow" in this process as well. 
-The content of lipids and fatty acids that the plant produces will vary from plant to plant species to species. 
-Part of the extraction includes stripping the plant of the "sugars"
-Sometimes just the sugars are desired so a cold extraction process may be desired in this case
-Depending on how viscous to make your Licks solution, you should take into consideration the "feel" of the plant along with what you are going to use your essential oils for.
-The "feel" of the plant is reference made in layman's terms. If the plant feels sticky and thick of crystals or such that you are trying to extract then a longer process with possibly more Licks or just some warmth to be added may be suitable.
-The next thing to take into consideration is how potent do you want your final solution to be?
-Most or all of this process contains a lot of preference rather then strict directions or recipe
-Make sure you grind your product up real good. The more surface area that Licks is exposed to the faster and better it will extract the essential oils of that particular plant product.
-A large ending amount with a low percentage of product can be obtained in a single step.
-Mix Licks with the product. Add some warmth with a heat element or hot water bath for accelerated stripping. Going to high of temperature may result in the "burn of" of compounds you are trying to capture. To stay completely safe avoid using heat above 160°. 
-Higher temperatures can be used we know and each compound within the plant has its own specific temperature in which it heats up and disappears at.
-To make a more concentrated product you want to use just a small amount of plant product to begin with.
-Go through the process and then strain it real good. Take that solution you just made and add fresh plant product to that. Repeat the process until you have washed and strained all of your product with the same liquid, using it over and over again until you get a rich solution.
-You may do this as many times as you wish and can make your concentrate very very thick. This will be a true full spectrum extract. 
-The more times you wash and strain the longer it may take for the next batch to be processed. Sometimes adding some fresh Licks to "clean" the stainless steel screens and container also adds to the stripping functionality through the process.
This is an official publication brought to you by Licks Herbal Liquidizer Company and made possible by consumers like you.
Copyright © 2019 Licks Herbal Liquidizer Company
The use of any and all materials on this page must not be used without the expressed written consent of the owner/owners of Licks Herbal Liquidizer Company. Failure to produce will warrant any and all actions necessary to enforce a failure to comply with copyright laws in the United States. 
Any violation of Copyright of this publication will be pursued immediately through a simple low cost registration, within the United States Copyright Office, for copyright infringement. Copyright violation will not be tolerated.

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  1. Original Herbal Liquidizer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 24th 2019

    Did not separate morning have any issues. As described and tasted great!

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