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  • 50ml Mango Licks Herbal Liquidizer - Essential Oil Extractor - Emulsifier - NonToxic (682318807146)
  • 50ml Mango Licks Herbal Liquidizer - Essential Oil Extractor - Emulsifier

50ml Mango Licks Herbal Liquidizer - Essential Oil Extractor - Emulsifier

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Product Description

 50ml Bottle of Mango Licks

This product is to be used in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. 
This is intended for use by adults over the age of 18 years old.

The Herbal Liquidizer Revolution is upon us. Many of our lives have changed or about to change forever due to this new concept of Liquidizing your favorite Medicinal Herbs (plant products). This is done by extracting the full spectum or all of the useful compounds out of the herbs. The power of extracting your favorite essential oils into a new viscous non-toxic liquid form , is one you are now able to harness with little to no effort or high tech, high dollar machinary involved. Licks is a DIY product that when used in conjunction with other items, helps make a product that has many uses and is forever evolving. Due to the hundreds of uses and applications "instructions or receipes" are hard to give specifically for what you are using it for. Lets leave it at that, but you can go to the bottom of this page for general instructions of use and receipes that may be used.

Licks can either be used to extract your essential oils from the plant matter of your choice or it can be used as an emulsifier of concentrates with other products from solid to liquid. Since the inception of Licks there has been much DIY research and study done by the consumer itself and has been passed to the Licks Lab for further research and development of new products that can be made using Licks Herbal Liquidizer Solution. 
As a DIY product Licks can be used to make just about any product you could imagine that you may want as an infused with your favorite herbs. It can be used to make juice, beverages, food, candy, and body products. It just seems to never end. The "cooking with" aspect of using a Licks Solution from something like oregano gives an all new twist to cooking. You can literally give any food dish "the zest of" any of your favorite herbs and spices. Not only are you getting a great taste but you using the essential oils of that plant as well. Some may have super antioxidant, antiinflamatory qualities. Aslo weight control, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer prevention qualities.
Commonly Used Products: Peppermint, Lavander, Hemp, Hibiscus, Rosemary, Oregano, Ect.

Why Licks?
First and foremost Licks is nontoxic. Some of the competitors products contain at least one or more sythesized (made in the lab, not from a plant) PEG compounds that is not organic. Licks is actually comprised 100% of organic compounds which almost virtually elininates that chemical taste you may have experienced with other formulas besides Licks. The carrier in the Licks Solution is (USP) propylene glycol. This accounts for a small amount of the solution but is necessary for the integrity. The majority of the solution is made of similar glycol components, one of them being proprietary to Licks as it only forms in the process of making the actual Licks Solution. Once Licks is ready to bottle, the solution in a whole is as stable as it was once before the chemical change when being processed. The unique dual functionality of Licks comes from this proprietary mix. Also the smell of the Licks formula is subtle as is the taste. Any experience with other liquidizers has left literally a bad taste in the mouth and a scent that cant be soon forgotten. We will not blow smoke up your *** and tell you that this is the key to your final solution to never seperate like some of the competitors say. They are full of it and once you tried their product you realized it may have emulsified but not completely. Theres a reason for that and you may look below at the end for a better outline on how to use the Licks product so you can have the best success possible.

What do I do with Licks?
Even though Licks is a DIY product you must make sure you follow all labratory safety procedures. Included in procedure there must be proper labratory safety equipmnent to be used also. Safety goggles, lab coat, heat resistant gloves are just a few suggestions. Be sure to follow safety protocol first before using Licks.
Customer service is the number one priotity and we get a lot of questions. Mostly they are asking for instructions or "a receipe" for Licks. Because of the complexity of uses wth unlimited amount of products and ways to use Licks there is no one set of instructions or one receipe. That would be completly impossible to give. What we can do is give general ideas and you can use this in your own situation to get it to work. What we outline are not specific instructions set in stone gauranteed to work. If you feel you are not comfortable with the process or there may be something we have not covered at all then just contact us and we will help to the best of our abilities.

Licks Kits
We have put together some Licks Kits that will help further your exploration of this product. They may not be exactly what you need but is a low cost solution to your DIY efforts. We still recommend to use what we sell in the kits if you do not purchase a kit from us. These are more proper items to use then you may be able to find in any stores. There are useable substitutes though. Just make sure to research fully before using them.

It has been brought to our attention that a competotor recommends a microwave and we are always asked if a microwave can be used. Just like their product there is a flashpoint. Just like anything there is a flashpoint. Thats when that product ignites or burns at a specific temperature. The microwave presents temperatures that are just much too high and too much of a risk to recommend using. The microwave has a negative impact on the solution because if you are trying to extract a full spectrum of compounds the microwave just helps burn much of that away before you ever have a chance to utilize the essential oil compounds you want to extract that only a Licks solution can do.

Emulsifier (mixing products together)
More times than many you may have wanted to your essential oils into a product. What you need to take into consideration is the density of two products you are mixing together. Most of the time you will have your concentrated essential oil ready to go. Wether or made it using Licks or your own technique it will work either way. Another thing to take into cosideration when mixing your concetrate into another product is how "fatty" is your concetrate. Does it have high lipids or acids in it that need to be disolved first? The Licks does the job of dissolving the product first, then with the same solution emulsifying it into another product.

To disolve your essential oil concentrate: 
-Take the amount of solution you would like to end with and take away by volume the concetrate you have in hand and that is the amount of Licks you want to use. So if by volume your concetrate is 10ml, and your ending solution you want to emulsify is 20ml, then add 10ml of Licks to the concetrate. There is very very little to no evaporation. The final solution viscosity should be relavent to the density of the product you are going to emuslify. If you are making a beverage then the final Licks solution should be more liquidy then the final Licks solution for emulsifying it into a bar of soap.
-To start the dissolving process place in a heat resistant container like a pyrex flask
-Place on a hear source as heat is the catalyst
-Avoid using heat above 160°, as not to comprimise your product. Heat can destroy the useful compounds you may have captured that would otherwise just "burn" away
-You will notice it to start to break down in the liquid
-Continue to mix thoroughly until your product is absorbed into the Licks and it has become a smoothly mixed product. 
-Some products as outlined above may need a more or less viscous souliton to be able to be mixed into it. There is no one recipe for every single product or type of product. This just outlines general directions on "how to".
-Again in the emulsifying process heat is the catalyst so both products may need to be warmed up to even temperatures then mixed together to get it to mix properly.
-The better the essential oil concetrate is dissolved in the Licks the better end results you will have
-All results may vary from one to another depending on variables. Take note to consistent variables in order to better the process through time
Essential Oil Extractor
-As with essential oil concetrate dissolving you may want to use a heat resistant container. Heat is not a necessary part of this but may accelerate the process. When we give advice on extracting essential oils we like to use the term "low and slow". 
-The content of lipids and fatty acids that the plant produces will vary from plant to plant species to species. 
-Part of the extraction includes stripping the plant of the "sugars".
-Depending on how viscous to make your Licks solution should take into consideration the "feel" of the plant along with what you are going to use your concetrate essential oils for.
-The "feel" of the plant is reference made in laymens terms. If the plant feels sticky and thick of crystals or such that you are trying to extract then a longer process with possibly more Licks or just some warmth to be added may be suitable.
-The next thing to take into consideration is how potent do you want your final solution to be?
-Most or all of this process contains a lot of preference rather then strict directions or receipe
-Something that does help is to make sure grind your product up real good. The more surface area that Licks is exposed to the faster and better it will extract the essential oils of that particular plant product.
-Take into account how much final liquid you want to end with. If for example you want 100ml end to contain 5 grams equivlent of dry product then it is a much simplier less played process then say 5 grams in 1ml.
-A large ending amount with a low percentage of product can be obtrained in a single step.
-Mix Licks with the product. Add some warmth with a heat element or hot water bath for accelerated stripping. Going to high of temperature may result in the "burn of" of compounds you are trying to capture. To stay completly safe avoid using heat above 160°. 
-Higher temperatures can be used we know and each compound within the plant has its own specific temperature in which it vaporizes at.
-To make a more concentrated product you want to use just a small amout of plant product to begin with.
-Go throught he process and then strain it real good. Take that solution you just made and add fresh plant product to that. Repeat the process until you have washed and strained all of your product
-You may do this as many times as you wish and can make your concetrate very very thick. This will be a true full spectrum ectract. Not one that has been seperated and then mixed all back together again.
-The more times you wash and strain the longer it may take for the next batch to be processed. Sometimes adding some fresh Licks to "clean" the stainless steel screens and container also adds to the stripping functionality through the process.

There are without a doubt other liquidizer products on the market and some even claim they are the original. The facts are that the creator of Licks has been working with this product for 5 years and worked very hard to overcome all the obstical and issues of the original formulation that was put together years and years ago. Dual functionality was on top of the list. Heat being the catalyst they wanted to have a product that can be used as a solvent and as an emulsifier. Two opposite ends of the spectrum. It is very possible but the right isotope had to be created that could have dual function outcome that has all the desired finished qualities. 
After going through a lot of money in research through strenous trial and error a final product was discovered and it almost felt too good to be true. At this point the lab initiated the outreach program to connect with "like-minded" indviduals that had no history of extracting essential oils from plants. This was done to see how DIY this product actually is. The subjects were given very little direction with no real formula and just ideas about how it can be used. A few had more and more questions with total sucess. Many took it upon themselves to figure out the recipe and process without any advice. It would be a lie to say everyone made out okay but it was few and far between we saw negative results. After consult these negative experiences were well took and lessons learned as they were eventually able to have sucessful results. 
Then Licks Solution was born not the name yet though. There was such a long tedious process leading up to the final product, the lab could barely distribute it. This gave the lab much more time to havenopportunity to use the product on a DIY basis with everyday people so they could easily see this process through a different lense. This was only a strengthening period that led to the maturity of the product today. Right away the lab went into work on developing a scent to go with it. They were now aware that consumers were adding there own scents and flavorings more times then ever antiscipated. This was when Licks moved from just a concept of an original version to a scented version as well.
Originally Licks was not called Licks. It was distriuted through a company that branded their own name on it. It was only distributed in 3 states in 2013-2014 under another name that we do not want to comment about due to legal reasons. This was not good enough and as soon as all contracts were meant that name fisseled out by 2014 and the liquid liq uidizer problems were soon licked and the actual name "Licks" was born. The official launch of Licks was done in 2015 and by the end of the year soon grew to global distribution level. Through today Licks Herbal Liquidizer Company can proudly say it has sold thousands of bottles globally to every continet except Antarctica to include dozens of countries with thousands of happy and satisfied consumers.

This is an official publication brought to you by Licks Herbal Liquidizer Company and made possible by consumers like you.
Copyright © 2016 Licks Herbal Liquidizer Company
The use of any and all materials on this page must not be used without the expressed written consent of the owner/owners of Licks Herbal Liquidizer Compay. Failure to produce will warrant any and all actions necessary to enforce a failure to comply with copyright laws in the United States. Any violation of Copyright of this publication will be pursued immediatly through a simple low cost registration, within the United States Copyright Office, for copyright infringement. Copyright violation will not be tolerated.

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  1. Great stuff!!!! Will definitely order again!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 11th 2017

    I used this stuff turn my concentrate into aroma therapy oil and it works great!!!! I use to use another brand but I'll be switching over to HerbalLiquidizer. They ship fast and are cheaper than the other guys with far more flavor opinions!!!!

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