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Essential Oil Makeup and Benefits

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In my infinite quest for information about essentials oils, there seems to be common ones that are named over and over again. I am actually starting to remember some of their names. Well at least all the ones that I had really never heard of. Some of these are Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Chamomile, and Jasmine.

Now that we have the essential oil extraction process down, I feel it is very important to learn more and more about the oils themself. Benefits of specific compounds of their organic makeup has been a recent plan of research. There was a lot of research done on our behalf when it comes to the composition of different oils. We never actually isolated the benefits from specific compounds though. Once we can learn from each specific compounds its benefits we can then idealize better products for specific oils.

Here's the problem. It lies somewhere on the same lines as Licks itself. There are thousands of different compounds that can be found within hundreds of thousands of different essential oils. This in theory leads to thousands of different uses I guess I could say. So what am I going to do, study them all? Get the heck out of here.

What I do notice is that there are common compounds often found within the "popular" oils. Okay then so its a little more simpler if you make it simple! The most common word I see within these compounds is "acid". This refers to compounds such as Linolenic acid (ALA). Acids have benefits that can be utilized in several different ways. They can be helpful to strengthen bones, keep cardiovascular system running smooth, and can even help diabetes patients. So yeah wow this is just the iceberg.

I wont completly bore you today. Lets save some of this new found research for next time.

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