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I get asked all the time about our Herbal Liquidizer products

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I get asked all the time whats the differnece between Licks and say a product like DB MiX Pro. What I can say is Licks sole purpose is not to mix oil concentrates with it to produce vaporizer liquid. Licks was engineered to extract essential oils safely from herbs and flowers by stripping the full spectrum of compounds. Licks is consisted of all the counter parts of essential oils as a solvent to break down the fatty acids found within herbs and flowers to produce a quality stable liquid also known as a tincture. This tincutre is water soluable at this point and does not carry the same characteristcs of a toxic oil concetrate that is obtained by alcohol or butane.

This wax concetrate can now be used to blend with your facorite everyday products that are water soluable and not. The versatilty is just unbelieveable. Not only can you create an extract you can also work with already made oil concetrate extracts by mixing it with Licks then blending it with your favorite everyday products. The user versatilty and odds of screwing up batches are a lot less likely to happen when using Licks as instructed. Every listing for any Licks products gives an overview of the product along with general instruction on how to use the product. As always if the instructions are not enough for you to follow you can always contact us and we can take our time with you to help you through the process with our best tips and tricks. This is our full time job here and welcome questions anytime.

My favorite product to make is aroma therapy oil with Licks and Lavander concetrate. I take my Lavander buds (prebloomed flowers) break them down and wash them with the Licks Herbal Liquidizer to create a concetrated Lavander Oil. I mix this lavander oil (Licks Base) with Vegetable Glycerine VG and come out with a totally awesome aroma therapy oil that can be used in my little diffuser on my office desk or my large humidifier diffuser in my bedroom. That one uses water but you can drop small drops of essential oil concetrate in it and it will blast it into the air making it fresher smelling and releiving to the bronchial system.

Thanks for reading todays blog and tune in for more from me and soon we will be adding fun facts from Herbal Liquidizer Company and staff. Like I said its our job to assist you with the product or for product orders. Customer service is our number one priority. I welcome all calls from anybody who wishes to talk to me. Even the mad competitor that cant stay proffessional keep their cool. Feel free to call anytime. I am happy to discuss the Licks products and the advantage of using these products over any other one out there. My offer still stands. Take the competitors bottle that you bought, send it to us. It shouldnt cost much. Place your order with us and we will include professional tools for you to use with your professional liquid, Licks Herbal Liquidizer. I will make sure through the end of July 2016 that we honor this deal. If you read this past that date you should contact us and see what we can do for you. I promise we will make it worth your while to make the switch. Theres no sense in being loyal to someones product if they are not going to be completly loyal to you. This is our field and industry that we have invested an outstanding amount of research and clinical study so we can bring it to you. This information and new way of life is a few clicks away.

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