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Make tincture with coconut oil or Licks Herbal Liquidizer - Essential Oil Extractor, Concentrate Emulsifier

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   Essential oils are made with solvents such as oils or alcohol. Combined these solvents with herbs, flowers, or plants that have desirable compounds to make a concentrated oil packed with those compounds. This would be called an essential oil. Typical oils used to manufacture these essential oils are, coconut, sunflower, olive, and safflower oil.

The problem is these oils do not strip all the compounds out of your sample. In those cases people like to use a harsher more toxic solvent such as isopropyl alcohol, ether, and even butane. You can obtain more compounds in your concentrate, even strip all of them out. When all the compounds are stripped from your sample this is called a "full spectrum" extract.

The issue with using harsh solvents to create this full spectrum extract can be quite toxic. It's a shame when you see someone take a beautiful organically grown dry herb and extract the essential oils from it with a spitefully toxic substance. This really makes no sense to me at all. In order to a avoid this, sensible people use less toxic organic oils. Often they take this option as the payoff of a more packed essential oil is not worth it to them.

Now a few years back comes along the product Licks made by Herbal Liquidizer. This product serves dual purposes. First of all what's the benefit of using this product and what the heck is it made of? Ok so the first and foremost benefit recognizable is the fact that it can create a full spectrum oil. Once you hear that the first assumption is, well it must be toxic somehow.

Here's the scoop on Licks Herbal Liquidizer. The original blend is comprised of an organic glycol mix. These glycols come from plants themselves. The plants are processed or reversed engineered and the final isotopes created are blended together in this proprietary blend to make up Licks. The flavored versions have these key glycols as well as artificial and natural food grade flavoring. Still no toxicity with the flavored versions.

Licks can also be used to take an already made concentrate and dissolve it. Licks contains an ingredient that will allow the solution to emulsify with other glycol based products or even non glycol based products. Our expertise arises in the creation of essential oils or essential oil bases used to make other products.

Unfortunately our expertise does not arise with making some of these products such as aroma therapy fluid or skin cream. It would require the customer to have knowledge and know how of the product they are making. With this knowledge you should be able to blend ingredients together flawlessly with very little effort.

You can now get out of the old days by making your oils with coconut oil. This doesn't mean you have to replace the coconut oil. If your tinctures are preferred because coconut oil is essential to the process you have developed. Then no problem. Create your essential oil and then seamlessly blend it with the coconut oil to make your outstanding product you are used to. The upside is that you can now have full spectrum tinctures that are packed with way more compounds then if you only used coconut oil.

I know some will find it hard to go from what they are used to. Without a doubt there is much added benefit though. Some will not have a clue what I'm talking about but do your homework and educate yourself if this pertains to you. If you do product development, this may be just the product you have dreamt about.

While there are a few somewhat competitors out there such as ejmix, dbmixpro, wax liquidizer, and. Vapeur extract. These companies have products that seem to be that of a specific scope . They all seem to be used to make only one product. Because of this they can even provide specific directions on how to use their product combined with another product to make their final product.

Ejuice is what seems to be the common factor. In fact if that is their only purpose, to make ejuice, then it would be considered an ejuice component. We do not consider Licks to be a component of any one product in particular. Rather it is used to make a specific essential oil base that potentially can be used to make your favorite product. Due to the fact we don't claim to be the presiding principal component in making any one specific product but an essential oil, we can not provide instructions on how to make your specific desired product.

What I will dive into on YouTube is, experimenting making products with a Licks based solution. With no knowledge or know how I will search the internet and use my logical knowledge and studies to make some products myself. I have already devised a skin cream. From there I can now emulsify my favorite essential oil, lavender, with this skin cream. I can now use this awesome organic cream, that contains my organic essential oil that was made organically, and have all in reputable benefits of the cream and lavender combined.

Typically an essential oil may contain only small percentages of your target compounds. Even very little amounts of the terpenes and acids the plant produces. With Licks you can rest assured you gained maximum exposure to these compounds, terpenes, and acids. You now able to utilize your dry herb to its maximum benefit without sacrificing the quality of the sample or using toxic chemicals.

Licks is engineered high above any possible competition. We are still waiting for someone else to come up with true competition and devise a product that not only does everything we have talked about, but also is not a harsh chemical.

Stay tuned to our blog and check me out, Joe Kyser, right at www.joekyser.com (YouTube). I talk a lot about electric skateboards, drones, current events, and even videography. I do however make videos for Herbal Liquidizer Company. This is also another outlet to reach out and help all of our customers or potential customers.

Please send me an email (herballiquidizer@gmail.com) with topic ideas, help, or for a shout out. Pictures and videos are gladly accepted and traded for product as well.

Thank you all for reading the newest edition of our blog. Don't forget to come back and check us out. If you already have made a purchase, please review the product you purchased. All reviews get posted no matter how they turn out, good or bad. After you post your review, send an email to us or hit the contact link and let us know. All accounts will be compensated with money that can be used right on our online store.

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