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    Welcome all to our informational and user friendly blog. We will be covering all topics of essential oil diy solutions. This means how to use Licks. This also means how does Licks compare to other manufactures of similar products. For example ej mix (ejmix), this has been on the market for at least a couple years that I know of myself. The Licks product was already developed at the time but not a retail item. It was actually just used in the labratory to create wonderful essential oils. Another product that has been seen on the market recently is DBMixPro or DB MIX Pro.  This product is a lot  different from Licks. It is a base for vaporizing herbal extracts. I dont seem to see any claim other than you can enjoy herbal extracts and flavors in your personal vaporizer. We do not represent or claim rights to db mix pro or any other brand or company I mention there of. Licks has hundreds of uses constantly being developed by its users and seems to never end.

Many inexperienced companies are using the PEG chemicals as a base for their product. Have you ever tasted PEG? My opinion is that it is disgusting. If a company were to use the emulsfier or thickening agent ,PEG as a base, it would without a doubt have a horrible taste.  What is actually used by other companies is truely unknown though to me. Its only speculation and just my opionion.  Taste is only an opinion.  Some people may not like the taste. In later blogs I will cover PEG and its differnt forms you may have seen. For example PEG200, PEG300, PEG400.  Right now I can tell you PEG is an emulsifier only.  It does not have any true solvent capabilites and could possibly comprimise the integrity of the sample you wish to liquidize if there is too much of it present.  Licks is know to have the PEG chemical in it but uses only the organic form of it which is a sugar cane byproduct.  The actual amount of PEG is not signifigant for not much is needed to emulsify most products being made with Licks.  We have devised an emulsifier that contains different weights of PEG and usp verified ingedients.  This product is due to hit the market within the next month. This way if you wish to emulsify your essential oil with a hard to blend product you can have the proper tool to do so.  In most cases Licks is a perfect use product. It not only helps create essential oils but it does have emulsification properites.  

     I will be providing much information in the future on each product as analized in the lab and give my personal proffesional assesment and opinion on each.  There are immediate red flags to me when I just read the description of some of the products on the market today that deal with essential oils.

 If you have used other products you may think is similar to Licks and  want to make the switch but just not sure. Place your order and email us at customerservice@herballiquidizer.com and we will be glad to walk you through the different uses and processes of Licks along with persoal instruction and even video conferencing if needed. Our goal at Herbal Liquidizer Company is to help everyone seeking to create their own special essetial oils through our non-toxic extraction process, they should be rendered as much help and information as possible.  This is what we are here for and our only focus and goal is to provide the tools and service necessary to make your own non-toxic essential oils at home. dbmixpro dbmix pro and ej mix ejmix may have a touch of validity and may work to some extent but we can teach you how Licks may have a much more versatile role to play.  The extraction process with Licks carries much of the compounds from the herbs to your liquid. So much in fact that we have 100% compound stripping sucesses everytime we use this product. 

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