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Healing Herbs with Herbal Liquiudizer wax concentrate mix and emulsifier

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    Herbs have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. It hasnt been until the last 100 years or so that modern medicine has taken on its face that it now wears today.  We are so used to reactionary medicine. Have a headache, take a pill, headache is gone. Now I am dissy though, may have dry mouth, or all sorts of other side effects. So why is this you ask? This new modern medicine has been made in a lab. It is fabricated by a human hand to "block" this "settle" that "preven" this ect. You get the idea right?  What about the preventative maintenance of your body? Why wait till your hurt or your ill and your sick and you have to take this concocted medicine? What are you going to do if your body is not healthy to heal itself of the ailments that bug you, even with that magical pill.

     Have you ever thought about some of the things you hear ail people today and those same things were never talked about a long time ago because they were not issues. Some of thiese bodily issues are brought on us from what we eat and drink.  Take type 2 diabetes lets say. Came springing forward in the early 80's and now its common wide spread issue with commercials for this drug and that drug.  What if you treated your body a littloe bit better and you prevented that from ever being an issue.   As a little bit different cause and effect timeline you construct with liquidizing healing herbs and taking them as suppliment. You will notice at key times in which body immune system should be peak and overcome the issues at hand they will overcome the problems much easier with a healthier body.  Everything we need to heal was put on this earth in some sort of plant form.  It is our obligation to unlock those mysteries through essential oils and healthy herb healing and use them.  Healthy herb healing is not just a new thing thats put in trial and lets see what happens.  Its a proven success that can be used as not an alternative but the way your body really should be treated and healed. 

     I hope I can bring forward much information on all the healing herbs I read about in educational books and I will go over them with you.  Once you discover the power of certain herbs you can use Licks Herbal Liquidizer.  Comes in a few different flavors to apprease the taste buds.

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